Prototypes & clickdummies

Prototypes & click dummies Receive early feedback in real practical use

Prototypes & click dummies help in development to quickly get feedback for critical decisions and to test different approaches.

The aim is usually not to perfectly represent the final product, but generally to create a bridge between the concept and the subsequent development. The development of prototypes & click dummies is part of the fixed project workflow at TYPONiels and fits seamlessly to their requirements, so the development of a prototype often starts directly with the elaboration of the screen design.

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Frequently asked questions & answers

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Particularly in the case of web projects in the B2B sector, it makes sense to repeatedly obtain feedback from later users during the development process and to test various approaches and functions for their practicality at an early stage.

To avoid having to completely develop complex features and components of the later application and then having to rebuild them again, it is a good idea to implement parts of the application as a prototype, also known as a click dummy, for an initial practical test in a rudimentary version.