Enterprise search with Elasticsearch The reliable search solution for demanding projects

Elasticsearch is a search engine based on Lucene. Written in Java, it stores all types of documents in a NoSQL format and returns them to the application as JSON via a RESTful API.

Elasticsearch is not only a first-class tool for the page-wide search function; with the Elastic stack, logs and particularly large data sets can also be conveniently analyzed and visually prepared. With Elasticsearch, critical decisions can thus be made with the help of data. Alongside Apache Solr, Elasticsearch is the most widespread search server in the enterprise environment.

The perfect tools for large datasets

The Elastic Stack (ELK) is a collection of open source software for searching large databases and analyzing logs. This includes the search engine ElasticSearch, Beats to collect metrics from different sources, Logstash to preprocess the data and Kibana for easy and comfortable data visualization.

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