Apache Solr

Enterprise search with Apache Solr The reliable search solution for demanding projects

With Apache Solr, searching becomes an experience for your visitors, because the familiar functions of the Google search used by many people on a daily basis will also find their way into your website, eShop or portal application. The open-source platform for enterprise search written in Java is particularly convincing because of its very high speed, flexible options and range of functions.

Apache Solr provides these features, among others, for your website search:

Auto-completion and spellchecking
Apache Solr offers out of the box a very fast and powerful auto-completion feature, where the customer is shown the first results based on the current context as soon as he enters a single letter. In addition, Solr detects typos and corrects them automatically.

Filters, Contextual results, & Faceting
Especially with very large databases and very unspecific search terms of your visitors, a successful search can be a real challenge. With the use of a pre-executed faceting and specific content-based filters, as well as the classification into a certain context, you give the user the possibility to further refine the search results and thus efficiently and quickly reach the desired result.

Scoring & Boosting of Individual Terms
Certain keywords or marketing terms have a higher relevance for your company and should be presented more prominently in the search results? No problem with Apache Solr, individual terms, records or record types can be scored and boosted in the index. So you can direct the visitor to the most relevant content.

Index metadata of your documents with the Tika Framework
With the Tika Framework, metadata can be extracted from 1,200 different file formats and then included in the index of your Apache Solr core, so visitors can also find your documents quickly and easily using the search function of your website.

The Dream Team: Apache Solr and TYPO3 CMS
Especially in large TYPO3 projects, the standard search function indexed_search of TYPO3 is no longer sufficient, so you have to think about an alternative. Besides the ke_search available in the TER, Apache Solr is a very popular and frequently used solution. The Solr integration into your TYPO3 project can be done quickly thanks to the free Solr extension provided by the DKD.

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