Webdevelopment & Prototyping custom-made also for your company

I would be happy to create a professional online presence, a professional online shop and a professional app for your company according to current standards. Here you can get an overview of my services in the areas of web development, enterprise search, CI/CD, continuous integration and prototyping.

Do you need support for your next web project?

Niels Langlotz

Tel: +49 176 45 606 488
E-Mail: info(at)typoniels.de

I would like to use my project experience as a developer for your next project, just contact me.

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Frequently asked questions & answers

The answer to the following questions may also interest you

The cost of developing a web application depends on many factors such as the scope, complexity, desired quality and the way of development. In addition, the urgency and the material that may already be available play a decisive role in determining the price. A generally valid statement on the price can therefore only be made after a detailed consultation or the submission of a project tender. However, the following information can be taken as a rough cost framework.

A scope-reduced web application (MVP) can usually be developed for around 15,000-30,000€. Full-scale applications with connections to various interfaces and with many different functions and independent backend cost 50,000-100,000€. The limit upwards is open. I will gladly advise you on the costs of your web project.