Online Marketing & SEO

Online-Marketing & SEO Get the attention of your target group

Advertising today takes place online and offline on many different channels and under different aspects. With the right strategy for your company and an efficiently used marketing budget, you can play at the forefront and skilfully turn prospects into customers.

TYPONiels is your partner for...

  • Out of the Box Campaigns (Guerilla Marketing)
  • Hub spot integration & lead generation consulting
  • Google Adwords and Facebook campaign targeting
  • Google Analytics, Matomo and Hotjar integration into your website

TYPONiels ist ihr Partner

für wirkungsvolles Online-Marketing & SEO


Ihr Lead benutzt gerade die Google-Suche und sucht Sie als Dienstleister

Werbung findet heute online und offline auf vielen verschiedenen Kanälen und unter unterschiedlichen Gesichtspunkten statt.

Mit der richtigen Strategie für Ihr Unternehmen und einem effizient eingesetzten Marketingbudget spielen Sie ganz vorne mit und lassen so gekonnt Interessenten zu Kunden werden.

  • Technische Onpage-Suchmaschinenoptimierung
  • Out of the box Kampagnen (Guerilla-Marketing)
  • Hubspot-Integration & Beratung zur Leadgenerierung
  • Google Ads und Facebook Kampagnen-Targeting
  • Google Analytics, Matomo und Hotjar-Integration in ihre Website
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Frequently asked questions & answers

The answer to the following questions may also interest you

Für Unternehmen ist es essenziell nicht nur einen Auftritt in den sozialen Medien zu haben, sondern diesen auch regelmäßig mit relevanten Inhalten zu bespielen.

Yes, writing short and catchy texts for social media posts and snappy job postings, e.g. for Xing or LinkedIn, is also part of my range of services, but I am happy to hand over the elaboration of extensive website or blog content to my trusted partners or to freelancers with a corresponding thematic focus.

The fact that Google does not show your website in the search results can have several reasons and can therefore not be fixed by a universal trick.

Has the domain already been indexed by Google?

Most often, however, the reason is that Google has no knowledge of the new domain yet and thus cannot take it into account in the results. The first thing you should do is to check if Google has indexed your domain in any way. You can easily check this with a search using the term "".

If this search remains without concrete results, Google has no knowledge of your domain yet and a registration in the Google Search Console is necessary. To do this, please log in to your Google account and follow the steps described here: