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Neos Extension-Development Individual modules for the CMS

The content management system Neos already offers out of the box a lot of functions and modules you need for a corporate website. But sometimes it is necessary to extend the system with own functions and components. As a Neos developer I can also realize your individual solution according to the coding standards of the Neos core based on Flow, Extbase and Fluid.

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Niels Langlotz

Tel: +49 176 45 606 488
E-Mail: info(at)typoniels.de

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Frequently asked questions & answers

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Software quality and security has a very high priority at TYPONiels, so when developing extensions for the Neos content management system, I use a whole range of tools and methods to ensure consistently high quality. Currently I use:

  • Development usually according to OOP principles, if possible TDD approach
  • Unit tests with PHPUnit, functional tests with Codeception
  • Static code analysis with PHPStan/PhpMetrics/PHP Mess Detector
  • Securing coding styles with PHP CodeSniffer (Linter)
  • Building backward compatible versions with Rector PHP

These steps are performed locally during development as well as in Gitlab CI and may vary slightly depending on the project structure.

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No Extensions for the two content management systems TYPO3 and Neos are not compatible with each other and each require independent development. Due to the close connection between TYPO3 and Neos in the past, both systems share some concepts, technologies and conventions, which can make migration easier.

You want to migrate from TYPO3 to Neos?
I would be happy to advise you without obligation.