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A headless CMS is a pure backend content management system that is built from the ground up as a content repository and allows access to content via a RESTful API.

What advantages does a headless CMS architecture offer?

A headless CMS impresses in practice above all by its high flexibility and the many possible applications, which can hardly be covered by the classic content management systems.

The advantages of a headless architecture for marketing managers

  • Content only needs to be entered once in the system and can then be played out in a standardized format (JSON/XML) for different channels
  • Content can be structured more flexibly and enriched with additional modules
  • You need to spend less time on administration

The advantages of a headless architecture for developers

  • Free choice of frontend architecture / new frontend can be implemented in parallel
  • Backend and frontend can be developed individually and independently of each other
  • New areas can be rolled out continuously and made available exclusively for certain channels

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