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A good corporate website lives from its up-to-dateness and the functionality it offers the visitor. With the right choice and the use of a content management system, companies can lay the foundation for a central marketing tool and an easily maintainable and scalable website. Using an open-source CMS also allows them to operate independently of a particular vendor or agency, and also often makes switching much easier.

As an open source enthusiast and PHP developer, I am happy to assist you in implementing the content management systems TYPO3 CMS, Neos and Wordpress, as well as some popular headless CMS.

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Yes, of course, for the maintenance of the website all editors get their own access and can thus work independently on the website. To avoid overlapping when editing content, content can be locked for other users during editing or marked with a note.

If something does go wrong or changes are made unintentionally, that's no problem either, as changes can be tracked and undone at any time via the seamless editing history.