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Today, it is essential for companies to address their target group across channels, professionally, personally and in an authentic way. With the professional services of TYPONiels, your company will be perfectly positioned for customer acquisition and branding in the future.

Find out now what added value TYPONiels solutions offer for your media project.

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Frequently asked questions & answers

The answer to the following questions may also interest you

After completion of your web project and training in CMS, you will receive half an hour of free support time for your new website every month for the next 6 months. In practice, it has been shown to me that mostly only in the direct use of the new software by the customer, the important questions for him become present. With the free support time I would like to create the possibility to work on these questions together fast and uncomplicatedly without incurring further costs.

For technical support, version updates and enhancement work you still need an individual maintenance or service contract. These services are excluded from the free support time. It is not possible to add up the free support time for a training course.

My support plans & maintenance contracts

A statement about how long the development of your website will take without knowing the requirements and the scope in detail is absolutely not helpful. The development of a professional website is always a very individual product tailored to your goals. For example, a small website can be completed after just a few days. For an average website for an SME company, calculate with a realistic value of about 2 to 4 months from the first idea to the launch.

Request your development offer now

In order for me to start with your website as soon as possible, I will of course need a working basis from you in the form of your existing media, content and planning status. In general, you need to provide all the information and media elements that will be integrated on the new website.

These are in particular:

  • Your page content (texts/media)
  • High-resolution versions of your logo / CI guide / fonts
  • Access data to your existing webhosting
  • Access data to your existing website
  • Lawyer-checked privacy policy and content for the imprint
  • Your input into the project backlog (agile requirement specification booklet)

A good website lives on its up-to-dateness and so it is of course possible for you to easily maintain your new website yourself and add new content. That's why I always use user-friendly content management systems such as TYPO3, Neos or WordPress for my customer projects.

After completion of the project, you will receive the access data from me and, if required, individual training in the system of your web presence. You can find more information in the Content Management section.