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As an open source enthusiast with TYPO3 background and to stay up to date myself, I like to work on my own projects in my spare time, participate in open source projects and publish blog posts and other resources to make this knowledge and my experience available to other people.

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The term open source describes a concept according to which programs are delivered with readable code and the opportunity to change parts of it.

So everybody can read the source code, change it and contribute to making the software even better by reporting bugs, pull requests, writing documentation and code contributions. Open source software therefore often lives from the participation of the general public.

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Even as a developer, you don't want to (or have to) reinvent the wheel over and over again. Instead, you like to take advantage of the opportunity to build your own software based on existing solutions from the open source community, which not only saves a lot of time and resources, but can also guarantee higher quality in the project. However, the decision in favor of open source in the corporate context should be well considered; with its use there are also some special features that need to be taken into account and which, in the worst case, can quickly represent legal violations or reduced planning security.

Advantages of open source in the enterprise context

  • Proven solutions that are used, tested and further developed by a broad mass of developers
  • Faster distribution of the systems and larger selection of extensions and manuals (help from the community is also not to be underestimated ;)
  • No binding to a certain manufacturer (further development, planning security is somewhat higher thereby)
  • Reduction of the effort for the development of own software solutions
  • Improvement of the own reputation by participation in the advancement (e.g. in form of code contribution, bug fixes)
  • ...

Disadvantages of open source in the enterprise context

  • Usually lack of service (sometimes SLAs via third parties possible)
  • Lack of legal security, licenses have to be checked independently
  • Own software must be published free of charge under the same license in certain cases (GPL)
  • ...

A comprehensive blog post on the topic of "Open Source in the Enterprise Context" is currently being planned and will be linked here once completed.

As a TYPO3 developer I use daily not only self-developed components like standard applications, extensions and scripts, but to a large extent also open source software of other developers and companies. In order to give something back to the community, I also make some of my own developments available under open source license to anyone who is interested, free of charge and without restrictions in use. The fact that a lot of time and effort went into the development of my own systems should not be left unsaid here, so I'm always happy about contributions from the community.

Contributions can be made in form of e.g. pull requests via my GitLab server at or via email to contribute(at)

Yes for my own Extensions I provide support. For requests, please contact support(at) directly.