My first website The development of my very first website

Besides my interest in working with computers, I soon discovered my passion for digital photography, which I still share today. Out of this hobby came the desire to present my own work online and share it with other hobby photographers. Big platforms like Flickr and 500px didn't exist at that time, or they were so inflexible that I didn't want to be limited in my creativity and furthermore I was just curious what could be programmed by myself with a little bit of brainpower. So it was clear to me that I wanted to build something myself.

How do you create a simple website without programming skills and put it online?

At this time, however, I could not yet program. With good literature from the local library I started to develop my first website. It all started with the Magix Website Builder, a simple tool that enables even laymen to "click together" visually appealing websites. At the same time I started to work with the markup language HTML and the Cascading Stylesheet (CSS) and aka Learning by Doing I made my first steps with the IDE Dreamweaver. My first self-programmed website landed a little later on the rented webspace of one of the biggest German webhosters via FTP. For me the upload of the finished (admittedly not very nice) website was a real aha-effect, which somehow got me even more hooked on learning more and testing more things in this area.

» Programming can be learned most effectively by finding solutions for everyday situations and testing things. «

A short time later I had to change my photographic equipment and had to sell the old equipment and of course to set the scene before. Ebay classifieds at this time did not allow high-resolution pictures in the item description, so it was also clear to me that making it yourself is your way ... So I extended my static website with a small dynamic sales area, where I could present the camera with some test pictures and other parts of my equipment. The integration into Ebay classifieds is done by a simple link in the detail view.

Over the years, this hobby project has developed into a passion and quality standard for clean programming, search engine optimized source code and the user-oriented design of websites. The formerly mainly static websites became more and more dynamic and I decided to use a content management system for easy maintenance and a uniform appearance. I entered the CMS market with Joomla, but the system seemed unsuitable after some cumbersome workarounds and I switched to the Enterprise CMS TYPO3. Even today I still like to use the flexible and powerful TYPO3 CMS for web projects.

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